School Supplies 
Are given to the kids before the start of classes and those donations are provided to those families who qualify. In short, K.E.S assists those parents who do not have money to buy their kids’ school supplies.

Are given to the children to see those happy faces because they now have something to play with. Nowadays some parents do not have enough money to even cover the basic needs of the house much less buy toys for their kids. Therefore K.E.S. helps them to keep a smile on their kids' faces, especially during the holidays and birthdays.

K.E.S. has this program as an open door with general donations to help parents to keep their houses safe and healthy. These donations are announced periodically and then given away to those more in need.

  • To Parents, mom, dad, or single parents, on how to help children's academics
  • To families on the cycle of domestic abuse and how to prevent and stop it.
  • Counseling and Support groups for women, children, and entire families.

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Food Donation 
Malnutrition Families and children are at risk of nutrient deficiencies that can lead to serious health problems, including impaired cognitive development, growth failure, physical weakness, and anemia. Several of these problems can lead to irreparable damage to young children and the family in general. For all these reasons K.E.S. hosts regular events of food donation.

K.E.S. also donates backpacks with food for the children to eat while they are at home during the evenings and weekends because sometimes they do not have food to eat at home. The only meals for some of these kids are their breakfast and lunch at school on weekdays.
K.E.S. School Supplies Donation  Event

                       HOLIDAY GIVE AWAY

Please register parent name,your child's name, age, gender  through our Contact page.

The cut off age for your children is 14 years old.