Save the Arts (S.A.P.) 
It is very important to understand the significance of the arts in our youth. Without the arts, many children would have no outlet for creativity and we would see many of them out on the streets. The recent budget cuts in Miami Dade-County have deeply affected those kids who perhaps were only exposed to the arts in their schools. As a result, Kidz Empowerment Services (K.E.S.) has formed a program that will serve as an extracurricular activity to those interested in keeping the arts alive in our community. S.A.P. is open to children from elementary and middle school. The participants enjoy and develop skills in the arts, including dance, theater, voice, and instrumental as well as visual arts such as fine art: drawing and painting. We will have exhibitions, plays, dance shows, musicals, which show all performances involving these young people to proudly showcase their talents to the community.

Is designed to provide support to children's literacy development which includes reading, writing and speaking. In a creative and nurturing environment, children will use different strategies through meaningful and playful activities that will motivate them to reach their full potential. The children will develop the necessary skills to improve in reading and comprehension. These abilities will help them build new vocabulary and express themselves to reach their academic goals. The Reading program will also make kids independent readers who enjoy one of the most important academic subjects that will open the door to a wonderful world of learning and discovery.

Family Literacy 
Is a center and home based literacy program which identifies, recruits and serves families most in need of services. Screens and prepares families to participate, provides support services and flexible scheduling, provides intensives adult education, parenting education, and child education. It provides integrated home-based instructional services.

Women’s Resources 
is a center and home based program which will build on and coordinate with existing community resources. It identifies, recruit, and serve women most in need of services. Screen and prepare women to participate; provide support services and flexible scheduling. Provide women with seminars, counseling, education and resourceful information for their empowerment. 

Food & Toys 
Kids is a center and home based program in which provides kids with special necessities like backpacks, school supplies, toys, computer aid, tutoring, abstinence education, healthy food, and most important of all a basic education foundation to empower them for life.

Emergency Assistance 
It is a center based program in which K.E.S. provides food, clothing, resources for people with disabilities, and hurricane disaster assistance.

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